Falling off the Wagon

It’s been the Eid Holidays here in Dubai and I have been enjoying a 5 day weekend.  It’s been great to have time off and I have loved spending every day in the gym and making lots of yummy, healthy food but after a few drinks last night I have completely fallen off the wagon today.  My problem seems to be that I can’t just have 1 piece of chocolate, I have the whole bar!

And that is exactly what I have done today; I have eaten countless mini daim bars.  I have tried to blame Ikea for selling XXL bags of these bites of sugary deliciousness but it is completely my fault for buying 4 bags last time we were there and having zero self-control.  I have a friend who can take a bite of chocolate and make the bar last 3 days but I have no idea how she does it.  For me, once I have opened the flood gates I just can’t stop!  So I am now sitting feeling pretty bloated and disgusting knowing I will do nothing but beat myself up about it tomorrow.  Tell myself how silly I am to work so hard at the gym and then undo it all by stuffing my face.

Whilst it is not great to eat 2000 calories of sugar laden sweet treats in one sitting it is equally not great to be so hard on myself.  I lead a healthy life, exercise regularly and eat well the majority of the time so in the grand scheme of things, falling off the wagon for a day is not so bad.  Although I know this I am still so hard on myself.  It’s something I am working on.  I shouldn’t feel this guilty.  Nobody is perfect and everyone deserves a treat now and then.  So if you are in the same boat as me and are giving yourself a really hard time for your diet choices then try not to be so hard on yourself.  Tomorrow is another day so wake up feeling positive, hit the gym and make healthy diet choices.  All is not lost after one naughty day!

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