Benefits of Meditation

img_20170105_174355_739We all lead such busy lives here in Dubai.  Working hours are longer and many people have a work hard/play hard philosophy which can leave you feeling burned out and seriously stressed.  You can find you have little time to take care of the person who is most important, yourself!

It is so important to take time out from a busy schedule and give yourself that time to gather your thoughts and slow down to re-energize.  Meditation is a great way to do this.  Many people will argue that they don’t have time to mediate.  No time to stop as there is always so much to do, especially for those who have children and are also working.  It can be so hard to find the time, particularly time when you are not distracted by other things but I can assure you, you will feel the benefit.  To feel the benefits associated with meditation it is vital to do it regularly rather than for long periods of time infrequently.  10-15 minutes meditation every day as opposed to 1 hour every 2 weeks.

It can be very hard to switch your mind off during meditation so to begin with it can be easier to join a group meditation or follow a guided meditation to stop the mind from wondering.  Other things that can help are setting a calming mood with candles, incense and some music.  Try to avoid distractions so put your phone on silent and close the door so you can have some alone time.

Meditation has many notable benefits both physically and mentally which have been well documented.  The most obvious are the calming effects.  Meditation is great for stress and for slowing down the mind.  Those with an overactive mind can find a way to organise their thoughts and help to dispel worry and anxiety.  Meditation is great for your psychological health due to it reducing stress and helping to lift the mood.

There are also notable physical benefits.  Meditation has been shown to have cardiovascular and immune health benefits.  The relaxation brought about by meditation increases the compound responsible for opening up blood vessels which has been shown to reduce blood pressure1.  Although it can’t be said that meditation will make you live longer, there is an associating between meditation and longer telomeres1 which are found cells and play a role in the aging process.  This could be due to the reduction in stress and therefore the effects of stress on the body are less.

Along with the documented physical benefits Melanie Curtin2 has outlined that meditation can also raise your IQ!  How great is that!  It can enhance fluid intelligence which is a persons’ ability to work through problems and issues they have not come across before, creativity and innovation rather than facts and figures2.  Studies have shown an IQ increase of as much as 23% after regular meditation!

After meditation I always feel much more content and calm, almost like a weight has been lifted.  I feel more focussed on the here and now and the positive things in life.  It allows me to stop and feel grateful for what I have in life.  We can be too inclined to focus on all the things that can and have gone wrong instead of realising just how lucky we are to have a roof over our head, food to eat and people we love.

I would love to see you at one of my group meditation sessions which are coming soon!

Love & Light ❤



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