Clear Quartz

img_20170124_161954_578Life is very different for me now that I have left the corporate world behind.  I am spending my days studying and trying to market myself to attract clients so it’s been a learning curve for me!  I am loving every minute though and it feel great to be helping people and doing what I love.

I have always been drawn to crystals and been very interested in what their uses and healing properties may be so after buying a few books and searching online I decided to study to be a Crystal Healing Practitioner.  I am now nearly finished and it’s been so interesting to learn about the crystals I already have and why I was drawn to them.

After moving to our new flat I hunted high and low and I couldn’t find my crystals.  I gave up hope and assumed they were lost somewhere in the move and then when I was hunting for something else, there they were right in front of me!  It’s always the same so I am glad I didn’t replace them.

I firmly believe that when you go to choose a crystal you really are drawn to it and this was definitely the case for me.  When I started meditating and began my reiki journey I developed my interest in crystals and bought a few small crystals.  Not knowing anything about them and their properties I chose those I was drawn to as I figured it must mean something.  Looking at my crystal choices that was definitely the case.

The first crystal I bought was for my meditation and reiki practice and that was a clear quartz.  It is known as the umbrella stone because its potential seems to cover almost everything and for this reason it is one of the most popular stones and has been for centuries.  Clear Quartz works with energy and it has this in common with many other crystals but it is the way it works with energy that makes it so popular.  It is very powerful in relaxing the tensions which result from negative energies, working to balance out these energies.

It is common for a person’s first use of clear quartz to be for something which requires a great level of concentration and relaxation such as in meditation and yoga.  It seems appropriate that clear quartz was the first crystal I was drawn to when I began my spiritual journey.  It is ideal for meditation and reiki when the body flows with the spirit.  Quartz helps to promote the oneness between mind, body and spirit, easing chaos and providing protection and healing.  It has a huge effect on negativity and helps you to seek a higher level of understanding and being.

If you are having trouble finding the focus that you need then it may be worth getting a clear quartz.  When you first start meditating it can be hard to quieten the mind and find inner peace so clear quartz can help with this.  Simply hold it in your hard or the crystal may be in a bracelet or a necklace.  I have a clear quartz point stone which I hold and a smaller stone too.  It is also in my bracelet which I wear every day.  Give it a try and let me know if you feel any difference!

Love & Light 


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