Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is also known as ‘The Love Stone’ so what better day to write a post about this beautiful stone than on Valentine’s Day!! I know that many people think it’s a Hallmark Day which is cheesy and should just be ignored but I can’t help but love it.  Guess I am just a bit soppy at heart! My husband and I make time for each other throughout the year but it is an extra excuse to have a nice meal and for me to light the millions of candles that I have in the flat! Tom plans to cook a Vegan dinner for me tonight so I can’t wait!

Rose quartz is always a stone I have been drawn to and I think it I also one that many people are aware of.  It is a branch of clear quartz and is known to be extremely powerful for those seeking innocent, pure, untainted love.  In the hectic modern day world that we all live in, rose quartz can help you experience pure love which is untarnished by greed and helps to free you of all that may stand its way.  Rose quartz works to rid you of negatives such as jealousy, fear, bitterness and a broken heart.  It can help to rid any hidden guilt or anxiety that you may have to allow for true compassion and understanding, not only for others but for yourself too.

This beautiful pink stone is also used for meditation as it can help promote relaxation.  For this reason, it has even been linked to an increase infertility, particularly in men, when the cause is not of a physical nature but is linked to hidden tensions.

Since I first discovered the wonderful properties of rose quartz I have always carried it with me.  There are rose quartz stones on my bracelet which I wear every day but I also keep a stone in my purse and I have put one into my husband’s wallet so that he too can experience the loving, pink energies of the stone every day.  In a world filled with anger and hate it is so good to be able to see the beauty in the world and feel the joy of love, not just the love of a spouse or partner but the love of friends, family members and the important people (and pets!) in your life.  Love is ageless and unconditional, it is all.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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