Now that I am working in Energy Healing and doing yoga practice every day I have a huge passion for all things spiritual.  I visited Dragon Mart (a huge Chinese market full of everything you can imagine!) with my lovely friend the other week on the hunt for crystals and we were not disappointed.  I wanted to get some new bracelets and beads for my upcoming Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and decided why not make some instead of spending the money on buying them!  I wanted to get a stone for each chakra and went in with a list but while I was there I was drawn to so many of the crystal beads.  I wish I could have bought more!  There is something relaxing and almost meditative about making crystal bracelets and necklaces so I can see lots of jewellery making in my future!

I am nearly at the end of my Advanced Crystal Healing course and have loved it!  I really have learned so much.  I have realised how much you are drawn to stones for different reasons at certain times of your life.  One stone which I was particularly drawn to was Citrine, a yellow-brown quartz.  The beautiful, translucent yellow really caught my eye.  Even the feel of the stone, so smooth in comparison to many others.

Natural Citrine was once Amethyst which was transformed when it was heated and burnt by the heat of the earth.  Citrine is also known as the “Cuddle Quartz”.  In the busy, hectic world we live in today it can be easy to lose sight of your self-worth.  Citrine can make sure that you don’t forget, helping you to build your self-esteem by realising your worth.  It can lift you above the disorder in life, giving hope when it seems all is lost an warmth when there is coldness.  It gives a sense of comfort.  Citrine is good for the kidney, colon, liver, gallbladder, heart and digestive organs.

It makes perfect sense that at this time in my life that I would be so drawn to Citrine.  In this transition period from an office job to a career in energy healing and fitness I have had so much self-doubt.  Worrying if I can succeed or if I am good enough.  Should I just give up and go back to an office job, go back to my comfort zone?  But I am determined to ignore these doubts in my mind and do what I love.  It takes time but nothing worth having comes easy!  My crystal jewellery will soon be on sale so I can share their healing properties with those around me.  Stay tuned!

Love and Light ❤

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